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We listen. We analyse.
We develop.


…a young, dynamic team of analysts, web developers, programmers, designers and UI / UX experts, working on the principle: “WE LISTEN. WE ANALYSE. WE DEVELOP. ”

We will become your full partners in the development of websites, mobile applications and individual software. Our priority is to provide high-quality IT services to meet the needs of your business and attract new customers.

We are always interested to go out of our own comfort zone, to work outside the borders. We follow the trends and apply only advanced technology development and design. Short time? Without problems, even in difficult conditions, we can achieve perfection.

Web Design & Development

Whether it is the development of a logo or corporate style, brochures with product advertising, web design or the development of a complex web platform, the focus is always on you and your target group.

Today, all Internet resources should be equally correctly displayed on various smartphones, tablets and desktop computers, while remaining highly efficient and user-friendly. Our UX experts and designers rely not only on their creativity, but also on the experience and the best projects, as well as the latest innovations in order to carry out your project as best as possible. A team of developers and designers, design all your wishes in such a way that the visual part and technology harmonize with each other. The development process uses only those technologies that are appropriate in the appropriate context. The existing system landscape, safety, performance, load time, the degree of innovation and service are just some of the important factors that influence the process of choosing the optimal set of technologies for your project.

Software Engineering

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of software development, we can implement business processes and customer requirements in structured software. Our team is always focused on the best possible solution for your individual software. This, of course, requires a clear professional structuring and analysis of the relevant requirements for your product. It is at this stage that a crucial role is given to our analysts.

Result: we design and develop customized software that meets your needs, which inspires your users and increases their efficiency. Software adapts to your processes. And never the other way around.

In addition to proven methods for developing requirements and software, we use our experience in the UX. For maximum customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing & Outstaffing

Already during our founding, we set a goal to destroy existing stereotypes and the outsourcing cliches in terms of quality and service to set new standards in this area. We know the secret recipe ...

We strive to establish long-term relationships with our customers. As task number one, we always see building trust relationships at all levels. The creation of control structures and the functioning of communication interfaces in all projects, continuous performance measurement and reporting are important components of this process.

Nearshoring - economic efficiency without compromising quality

Our principle is that we want to develop and implement IT solutions for you that strike a balance between high quality and cost-effectiveness requirements. To do this, we provide experienced teams of specialists who either work with your teams, or complement them, or do their own development in general.

Thanks to our flexible approach, we make the development process transparent and cost-effective. After each sprint you have a detailed idea of the progress of our work and, therefore, you can flexibly control your product or project.

Outstaffing - your standards, your team

If you want to increase the efficiency of your team throughout your project (or even beyond), we are happy to provide you with our highly qualified staff. Any consultant, programmer, tester or designer will work exclusively for you at a fixed monthly price. In doing so, you will create your team, get access to experienced specialists at a reasonable price, and manage them as your own employees. No hidden charges. No risk.

Our work

Why we?

All in one place

From consulting and concept to design, technical implementation, as well as support after the completion of the project - all this you will find in one place. At the same time, our project manager is at your disposal to help you and give advice at the right time.

Professional which can hear you

The ability to hear each other and the perception of colleagues is an important prerequisite for achieving the best result in a team. This applies, in particular, to IT projects, in which many interested parties are usually involved, who can only be successful together. Here, communication is one of the key factors for overall success. That is why our main goal is to always be heard and understood throughout the entire project.

Dynamic to success

We do not develop individual software FOR YOU, and together with YOU. We carry out our projects based on the Agile Manifesto guidelines. You get fast feedback, respect for your budget, a realistic measurement of progress, as well as many possibilities for design. For each development contract, we create a dedicated development team with a suitable knowledge base.

Results are reported at short intervals. Change requests are flexibly passed to the development process. Bureaucratic efforts are minimized, the result is at a maximum. In the end, you get the best solution at the best price.

Full transparency

Success begins with trust. Throughout the entire project, you always know exactly how things are going. In addition, you have a contract with a personal consultant who monitors the entire process and keeps you informed. You and your consultant can communicate in Max Project in German - without a language barrier. Even English as a common language bridge, which in turn can cause certain problems, is not necessary.

At the beginning of the project, you will get access to our Redmine project management software, which will inform you about the current progress, as well as the budget of your project. In addition, thanks to the CI method, you can follow the work of our developers in the test system and intervene directly in case of changes.

Our quality requirements (how about quality?)

Starting from processes through the used infrastructure to the source code. Our clients choose us as a service provider with high demands on our own work, quality and stability of results.


We design your design as close as possible to your requirements and wishes and maintain close contact from the very beginning of the project. This leads to holistic solutions for your web resource or application, which at first glance impress your users.


We also attach great importance to the high quality of the results in development services and use various quality control tools to continuously evaluate the software and test its effectiveness. Different methodological approaches, such as prototyping, TDD (Test Driven Development), pair programming and CI (continuous integration) help us to achieve complex quality targets and reduce risks.


From the first contact to the transfer and installation of a ready-made software solution, as well as subsequent maintenance, you can personally receive support and advice from your manager.

Fair and Flexible Pricing

Our working expenses are significantly lower, among other things, due to our location compared to most Western European IT companies. As a result, we can offer you attractive conditions for the implementation of your projects.

In most cases, the billing model is as individual as your project. We are open to all your offers and always count our services individually according to your scope of work. To provide you with a high degree of flexibility, we also carry out projects for both contract and service.

Advanced technology

As true innovators, we work with a variety of market-leading digital economy products. Current among others:


Free set of tools for creating websites and web applications. Includes HTML and CSS templates.


Object-oriented programming language. refers to a family of languages with a C-like syntax, of which its syntax is closest to C ++ and Java


The latest version of the main language of the world wide web. Designed to use audio, video, graphics, animations and more.


This is a new HTML document design standard that significantly extends the capabilities of the previous CSS2.1 standard.


It is an open platform for developing, delivering and operating applications. Docker is designed to quickly lay out your applications.


A tool that allows you to analyze the quality of your code written in any selected JavaScript standard.


Distributed version control system. Allows you to store the change history of all your codebase and easily share it with other developers.


A web application build tool that automates repetitive tasks: building files, running tests, rebooting the browser, etc.


iContent management system with open source; written in PHP; database server - MySQL.

Android Studio

This is an integrated development environment for working with the Android platform, based on InteBillia IDEA software from JetBrains.


Free software for creating online stores, written in PHP and using the MySQL database.


Open server web application for project and task management (including error tracking).


Multi-paradigm programming language. It is the most popular language used for developing client-side web applications.


A typed object-oriented programming language. According to the latest Oracle data, more than 3 billion devices run on Java.


Site and code repository management system for Git, from additional features: own wiki and error tracking system.


A content management system written in PHP and JavaScript. Uses as storage MySQL database.


A set of ready-made components for an interactive interface. It is optimized for creating complex web interfaces for desktop applications.


Node.js framework It has support for input validation, caching, authentication, and other necessary tools for creating web applications and services.

Adobe Illustrator

Vector graphics editor. The program has a wide range of drawing tools and color and text management features.


Fast, small and rich cross-browser JavaScript library, focusing on the interaction of JavaScript and HTML.


A popular open source relational database. Most often used for web applications on resources such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.


t is a managed runtime environment that provides many services for its running applications.


Web server and mail proxy server running on Unix-like operating systems.


JavaScript runtime built on the V8 engine from Chrome. Allows you to write productive server code using JavaScript.

Adobe Photoshop

Multifunctional graphics editor, developed and distributed by Adobe Systems.


Scripting language intensively used to develop web applications. One of the leading languages used to create dynamic websites.


JavaScript library for creating interfaces that solves the problem of partial updating of the content of a web page.


An open source JavaScript library for predictable state management of the application.


Module included in Haml. Sass is a CSS-based metalanguage, is the most advanced and stable extension of professional-grade CSS.


It is one of the most powerful and flexible tools to build frontend, which can handle a lot of different tasks.


An object-oriented, component framework written in PHP and implementing the MVC paradigm.


The operating system for smartphones, netbooks, TVs and other devices. Based on the Linux kernel and its own JVM implementation.




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