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For whom is it

For newbies

  • Overcoming the language barrier
  • Conversation practice from the first lesson
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • The ability to communicate while
    traveling and on household topics

For adults

  • Improving grammar knowledge
  • Improving grammar knowledge
  • Improving pronunciation
  • View your favorite movies and TV shows in the original
  • Mobility and schedule flexibili
  • Conversation practice on everyday and everyday thematics

For businessmen

  • Opportunity to move up the career ladder
  • Business vocabulary enrichment
  • Participate in business negotiations abroad
  • Ability to correctly compose and present business presentations in English
  • The ability to competently communicate with business

For those who want to pass exams

  • Improving grammar and lexical skills
  • Passing the trial exam IELTS, TOEFL, EGE
  • Practicing reading listening and writing in accordance with the tasks and criteria of international exams
  • GIA to determine its progress and level

For kids

  • Interesting learning in the form of a game
  • Development of speaking and writing skills
  • Excellent knowledge of vocabulary and grammar
  • Ready for future exams
  • No need to take the child to the tutor
  • Opportunity for parents to monitor the learning process and monitor the progress of the child by viewing the recordings of lessons

What knowledge will I get?

After the free lesson you:

  • determine the level of language proficiency
  • get a well-chosen training program in accordance with your level of knowledge and learning objectives
  • meet the teacher individually tailored
    to your requirements

After studying the courses you will receive:

  • be able to speak fluent English while traveling
  • communicate with foreign friends without experiencing discomfort from
    the language barrier
  • be able to successfully complete the interview in English and get
    a good job in an international company
  • you will be able to pass international exams for entering
    foreign universities or obtaining a work visa in other countries

Our advantages

Individual flexible
training schedule

Free cancellation
and transfer of classes

Personal teacher focused on learning only for you

Affordable tuition

Discount system and free lessons

Learning materials
are provided free of charge

Access to training

The possibility of speaking
practice with a native speaker

How is the training going

Communicative teaching methods

In the lesson we use the communicative teaching method. This means that you start speaking from the first lesson, and 70% of the lesson’s time is devoted to the training of communication skills. Grammar and vocabulary are studied with concrete examples and practiced in conversation.

Interactive online learning

During the English lesson by Skype, you see a tutorial page on the screen, answer questions, participate in a dialogue, and the teacher corrects you. For training you will need a program Skype, headphones with a microphone and a webcam (optional). At the appointed time, the teacher calls you on Skype.

Alternative teacher choice

You can study with both a Russian-speaking teacher and a native speaker. In your personal account on the site, you get access to an electronic textbook in which you perform written assignments online, listen to recordings, watch videos, discuss viewed with a teacher, answer questions, perform tests.

Individual approach and focus on results

Materials for training are selected individually on the first free lesson. There you will find homework for each lesson in your account. At the end of each course you pass an exam and can receive a certificate confirming your level of knowledge.

Highly qualified teachers

We teach teachers how to use special Skype-based skills so that your lessons are as lively as possible, and you will benefit from each lesson.

What the cost of studying

The first lesson is free.

In this lesson you will receive:

determine the level of language proficiency

get a well-chosen training program in accordance with your level of knowledge and learning objectives

meet the teacher individually tailored to your requirements

250 р. English
for children
580 р. English
for business
for adults
630 р. English с
with a native speaker
990 r.

If you pay for several classes, there is a discount:

5 lessons = 3%

10 lessons = 5%

20 lessons = 10%

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